Discover The Most Fashionable Lash Extensions Trends And Match Them To Your Eyes!

Discover The Most Fashionable Lash Extensions Trends And Match Them To Your Eyes!

Eyelash extensions performed using classic, volume, or hybrid methods are one thing, but the final result often depends on the chosen style we want to wear. Browse through the most popular options and consider whether one of them is for you!

Eyelash extension styles - what to consider before you decide on one?

Each eyelash extension method - classic, volume, and hybrid - can be used to create various interesting styles. Many of them are particularly popular but they are not always suitable for everyone. Eye types are divided by their shape and setting:

  • small and large,
  • round and almond-shaped,
  • protruding and deep-set,
  • wide-set and narrow-set eyes.

Some eyelash styles can intensify unwanted eye imperfections, such as droopy eyelids, hooded eyes, etc. That's why a lash artist needs to verify what her client's eye type and suggest an appropriate style. The final choice is always yours, but it's worth listening to the specialist so that you won't regret your decision after the procedure is complete.

The most popular eyelash extension styles - find something for you!

  • Cat's eye

This is a very popular false lash style, performed mainly during the 1:1 eyelash extension method. The lash artist attaches false eyelashes to natural ones, smoothly graduating their length from the inner to the outer corner. This method visually elongates the outer corner and narrows the eye. If the client has naturally long eyelashes, the stylist glues the false eyelashes only near the outer corner, so that the effect remains as natural as possible.

This style works best for large, round, and narrowly-spaced eyes. For almond-shaped eyes, hooded eyes, or droopy eyelids, they can enhance the unwanted effect.

  • Squirrel effect

This eyelash styling method involves increasing the length of the false lashes gradually, starting from the inner corner. When the stylist reaches the highest point of the eyebrow arch, she starts applying shorter and shorter lashes. This method is designed to lift the corner of the eye to make the eye appear larger and more open. 

This style works great for eyes that are set close together and droopy eyelids

  • Kim Camellia Eyelashes

This effect also known as Kim'style or Kim Kardashian lashes is often used with the volume method. A style that's super popular nowadays. The Kardashian Effect involves applying mixed lengths of lashes, some of shaped into fans. This style gives an incredibly natural result without creating a flat and exaggerated finish.

It emphasizes the gaze beautifully and visually opens the eye. It is versatile enough to work well for most types of eyes.

  • Eyeliner Effect

The eyeliner effect involves creating a 2-in-1 effect - significantly emphasized eyelashes and an eyeliner effect on the eyelid. The eyelashes are applied from the inner corner to the outer corner, gradually increasing their length, but with a minimal curl which creates an eyeliner effect on the eyelid.

This is a beautiful style but it is only dedicated to specific clients. It works well for owners of almond-shaped eyes with a raised outer corner. For those with deep-set eyes or droopy eyelids, it can worsen the unwanted effect.

  • Russian Volume and Hollywood Volume

This style is a common choice when using volume eyelash extensions (2-8D). False eyelashes dedicated to this style are tapered at the base so that with their impressive volume, they still look natural and do overburden the eye. The lashes and lash line look much thicker, creating a beautiful fan of lashes over the eye.

This style is worth the attention of owners of narrow eyes who want to make them visually bigger, and it does a great job of camouflaging droopy eyelids with deep-set eyes.

Colorful eyelash extensions

Colorful eyelashes - how to bring out the eyes with color?

Eyelash extensions using colorful synthetic lashes are technically no different from standard extension methods - classic, volume, or hybrid. However, colorful eyelashes are divided into three variants:

  • full - the whole look in a single color,
  • mixed - the stylist mixes colors during the procedure,
  • ombre - the lashes are black but the tips are a different color,

Women rarely choose a look involving a single color, as the results are very eye-catching and not suitable for everyday wear. More often, they go for delicate accents, far from the striking, rainbow-colored looks. Keep in mind that eyelash extensions last about 4 weeks and not everyone can afford to return for a refill of such an expressive style.

How to match colorful eyelashes to your eye color?

Colorful eyelash extensions are an option for women who want to stand out and impress everyone but there are also options much closer to the natural look. Some colors, different from the classic black, are designed to either complement the eye color through contrast (contrasting color) or to emphasize the eye (harmonious color). How to choose the best color? 

  • GREEN EYES - contrasting colors: RED, BROWN, PURPLE, LILAC; harmonious colors: YELLOW, BLUE, GREEN
  • DEEP BROWN EYES - contrasting colors: YELLOW, PURPLE, GREEN; harmonious colors: BROWN, PEACH, SALMON
  • BLUE, GRAY EYES - contrasting colors: YELLOW, BURGUNDY, PURPLE, ORANGE; harmonious colors: GREEN, GRAPHITE, PINK, GRAY
  • HAZEL EYES - contrasting colors: GREEN, BLUE, PURPLE; harmonious colors: BEIGE, BROWN, GRAY, PEACH

Colorful eyelash extensions - how to blend in the colors properly?

To make sure the effect does not look exaggerated, and for the lashes to be suitable for everyday wear, the lash artist must choose the colors well and blend the colorful lashes subtly enough to fulfill their function of highlighting the eye. Most often you can choose between two effects:

  • the stylist applies a few colorful lashes between the natural ones which will create a subtle and not overpowering touch in the chosen color,
  • the stylist does not mix the colors but chooses one lash segment (usually near the outer corner of the eye) and places a few lashes in the chosen color there, creating a colorful accent.

More daring clients may be tempted to choose slightly different solutions, in which they ditch black lashes completely. The three most popular effects are:

  • an entire look with a single color,
  • an entire look with one color but mixing its shades,
  • a rainbow look created with several colors of eyelashes and mixing them together.

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